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Anonymous: Are you going to let your hair grow back ?

Yeah but I’ll probably end up cutting it again

Anonymous: are you in the stingray affliction music video??


Anonymous: like when u say u hate tumblr and shit like that lol. like it's your opinion who cares.

I haven’t had people attack me for saying I hate tumblr tho :/

Anonymous: I think you're a cool dude. people just over react lol.

Overreact about what lol

i haven’t been on tumblr for like months and people are still following me like why

4 months ago - 1 note

Anonymous: Remember when you used to cut yourself like a little bitch and Austin Carlile saved your life? Fuckboy

I never cut myself lol

Anonymous: miss u

Idk you

Anonymous: Kill yourself fag

You first

Anonymous: You should've been the one that got ran over by the train you're pathetic