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Anonymous: You can't sing so stop and like you like to say kill yourself along with your gf, dirty bag

Never said i could sing. And no. Kill yourself.

Anonymous: You're wrong for cheating on your girlfriend bro always fucking around with these thots

Kill yourself

elvesandairplanes: I also enjoy Basement


Downloaded the tumblr app again, logged in for about 43 seconds, and was reminded why I fucking hate this website.

I hate this website. Kys bye

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flxwermouth: Are you going to see Issues on Tuesday?


Self Help tix!!!!

Help me win self help tix please guys. All you have to do is just sign up through this link :)

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I’m back for like 5 minutes and I already hate this website again

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Anonymous: How did jimmy die?

He was in a car crash. Hours later, he was pronounced brain dead and for about a week, the doctors had him on life support since he was an organ donor. He donated 6-8 organs, saving many, many lives. I miss him.

Anonymous: Can I make out or have sex you while listening to The Ghost Inside


Anonymous: Hey why don't you just keep your comments about tumblr to yourself. It's great that you have an opinion and such but its getting annoying. If you're getting pissed about it just delete it. Don't get your panties in a bunch okay.

Or you can literally just click “unfollow” lol